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Atlanta - Birmingham Challenge

What is the Atlanta-Birmingham Challenge? 

A Brief History
 2014 Team
 Waiting List
 Waiting List Sign-Up
 Last 2 Teams

This is a yearly match play competition between the Atlanta and Birmingham chapters of the EWGA.

What type of competition is it?
This Solheim Cup, formatted weekend pits two teams of 12 against each other. The competition is broken down into four formats:

  • 2 woman best ball
  • 2 woman scramble
  • Alternate shot
  • 1 on 1 match play 

How do I make the team?
The members from the previous two years have first right of refusal. Once those members have said yea or nay to playing, any remaining spots will be filled from the waiting list.  The sign-up sheet is posted on this site. The first person on the sign-up list will be contacted for their yea or nay then the second and so on until all team spots are filled.

  • Previous team members must confirm their desire to play by March 31st.
  • Prospective team members who say nay must re-sign up on the waiting list for consideration on future teams

Why do I want to participate?
Fun! Fun! Fun! Golf! Golf! Golf! And of course to bring a smackdown to the Birmingham team!!!