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The Power of the Hashtag


What are hashtags? Twitter uses the hashtag or pound sign to turn any word or group of words into a searchable link. This allows you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords.

Hash tags are prevalent on many social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest use them.  If you are searching the web for information, the hashtag will narrow your search. Try using Google to search for #SolheimCup and see what pops up.  Then, when watching the Solheim Cup later this month try tweeting. Suggested hashtags are #SolheimCup2015, #GoTeamUSA or #SolheimCup to join the conversation!   

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At some point during a golf round, you usually see someone from the golf course maintenance staff on the course. These dedicated men and women range from professional members of the Golf Course Superintendents Association (GCSAA) to seasonal college and high school students. Regardless of their age, gender or professional status, all golf course maintenance personnel deserve courtesy from golfers on the course.

While some facilities require their grounds crew staff to wear hard hats, this doesn’t prevent workers from being injured when struck by a golf ball. Some golfers think the grounds crew staff shouldn’t be on the golf course during play – however, it is impossible for the maintenance staff to complete all their work on the course prior to the course opening for play each day. Some facilities require the maintenance staff member to turn off the machine he or she is operating and wait for the golfers to play through. While this is a nice courtesy to the golfers, on a busy day on a crowded course, this practice can lengthen a workers job from a few minutes to many hours.

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Have you ever been in a restaurant and seen two teens at a table never making eye contact with each other? They are staring at their smart phone texting each other. What has happened to good old conversation?

Well, it is still alive and has taken a new form - digital. You now keep tabs on your friends, relatives, and others just by checking online. You can even make new friends on social media without ever meeting them face to face. Conversations are popping up all over social media about golf, cooking, and other hobbies. Virtual Socializing is everywhere, and you don’t have to get dressed up to do it!

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August is the time of year we need volunteers to help support our organizations. Please read my other blog “What’s in it for Us”. EWGA’s volunteer program has always been a critical component of essential services to our members. We have a framework for our volunteer program to better support our volunteers and for increasing our organizational capacity.

- Volunteer for a Committee
Share and learn business/volunteer expertise
Spread the word about our programs
Support our events
Support Local and National operations
Plan to further your contributions and grow your skill set

Most of our volunteer positions are related to our organizational calendar of events.  For more information about specific positions and timelines, go to our website under CHAPTER INFO/Portland Board.

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Yesterday's league play at Forrest Crossing was both memorable and fun. We missed a couple of our TEE CUP comrades who were out of town, but we kept it lively in spite of that. Nine of us took on the front 9 and tore it up. Had a great time getting to know three non-EWGA ladies (soon to join, we hope!), both playing golf and following, during dinner at the Neighbourhood Taproom & Kitchen (if you have not been there yet, you should go! And yes, it is spelled NeighbOURhood - great folks there!). 
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There is probably nothing more frustrating on the putting green than to have to hit your putt through a ball mark.  As we know, a repaired ball mark will heal in one to two days while an unrepaired ball mark will take two to three weeks to heal.  Leaving an unrepaired ball mark is bad for the putting green in addition to poor golf etiquette.  Repairing ball marks ensures a smooth putting service for all golfers and allows the turf to heal quickly. 

I recently played 18 holes with a new golfer who was excited not only about hitting the green on a par 3 hole in regulation, but almost more excited about making a ball mark.  She easily admitted she didn’t carry a ball mark repair tool because she rarely makes a ball mark on the green.  This was a great chance for me to explain the importance of carrying a repair tool and to show how to properly repair a ball mark.

A ball mark repair tool is an important piece of a golfer’s equipment and one you should be sure to have in your bag or in a pocket.  (NOTE:  Don’t be confused if the tool is called a Divot Tool – it is used to repair golf ball marks on the green – not divots on the fairway, etc.)  The tools come in a variety of designs and materials – usually with two prongs made from metal or plastic.  As important as it is to carry a ball mark repair tool, it’s just as important to use it correctly. 

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Hitting a golf ball further is based on the physics equation:

Force = Mass X Acceleration

The ball travels based on the amount of Force the ball is hit with.  The more force means the ball goes further.

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Oh, my.. renewed my membership.. incredible 1st year as a member of this EWGA Mid TN group. 
You are an awesome group of beautiful women and I'm getting to know more you as I play golf on different courses each week.  I can't wait for the upcoming play dates on August 22nd @ Tim's Ford  &  OUR  FALL TRIP to Muscle Shoals, AL.  on Oct 3rd & 4th. 
As some of you may know,  I've stepped in for Donna as the Events & Activities Dir.  (FYI - I'm getting her a red phone & have her number on speed dial w/ an alarm,  just in case).  I'll give you a "Heads Up" clue that I've put together some wild & crazy parties and if you need a referral I have a family of 50+ @ Christmas time.  So, with that being said.....I have a waiver and a privacy disclosure, for you to sign when you get to Muscle Shoals.  LMAO.   And what happens in Muscle Shoals, stays in Muscle Shoals.    Prizes and gifts for golf contests and Saturday Nite Live.  Still LMAO.  :)

Please go to the website Fall Trips Details & click on RSVP pay now or RSVP pay later.  Deadline is August 31st.  We have to commit to the rooms on Sept 2nd.  and already we're going to need a couple of extras...the more the merrier.   YEA!!!!
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Golf Related WebsitesWith people today being “plugged in” with computers and mobile electronic devices, there is a wealth of knowledge available for golf on the Internet.  I’ve assembled a list of various golf related websites for you to check out.  You can find anything from instruction and travel, to equipment and apparel and booking tee times and maintaining a handicap.  You may want to
“bookmark” some of these sites to check back for future reference. 

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You may be invited to play in an event at an exclusive facility or may have put together your dream golf trip at some well-known top golf destinations.  In addition to valet parking, bag drops, locker room attendants, cart and beverage cart staff, you may be asked to Golf Tipstake a caddy or forecaddie.  Who do you tip and how much?

The best solution is to ask ahead of time and come prepared to the course with cash (if cash is allowed – some private facilities prohibit the use of cash – all gratuities are billed to a member account).  If invited by a member to play his or her course, you could ask the member the guidelines on tipping, etc.  If you are playing in an event, call the facility and ask the Head Professional or Director of Golf if gratuities are expected and the general guidelines.  They are more likely to provide a suggested gratuity vs. asking the caddy or the caddy master.

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See the original eGroup Post
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For the second year in a row, the USGA is sponsoring and promoting Play9 ™Day across the U.S.  on Wednesday, July 29.  Launched in 2014, the USGA encourages golfers of all ages and abilities to take time to play 9 holes.  While many non-golfers mention time and money as reasons they don’t play golf, this campaign is designed to encourage people to spend two hours on the golf course playing, vs. not playing at all. 

Play9 DayFormer EWGA Board Member Jon Last from the Sports & Leisure Research Group shares a report with the USGA that states 60 percent of golfers perceive that 9-hole rounds are a great way to introduce non-golfers to the game.  It’s a great way to experience the game, without consuming large amounts of time to play or when time does not allow for an 18-hole round.  Plus many new golfers feel less intimidated by playing 9-holes rather than 18-holes.

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Functional Area: Board Position / Responsibility : Play9Golf, USGA

I have a friend who is a beginner and needs a nice set of used clubs....and bag.....bag does not have to be orange....but that's a, lol!!!!
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Proud of our ladies for our second 2015 volunteer day at Second Harvest Food Bank this weekend. In March, we moved over 6,800 lbs of food, and this Saturday we moved over 5,725 lbs of food in under 2 hours. We've really enjoyed our time in the DEEP FREEZE! Looking forward to our next opportunity as a group in September! Hope those of you who could not make it this time will be able to join us!
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Pace of Play. The three words all golfers get crazy about – you don’t want to be following a slow group on the course and you don’t want to be playing in a slow group on the course. The Rules of Golf Rule 6-7 state that you should “play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.” If you have been invited to play for social or business golf, you want to make sure you are a good guest. While the Rules of Golf don’t state a time limit on playing a stroke, a good rule of thumb is to be ready when it’s your turn, by having your glove on (if you wear one) and having your club selected. You may take a practice swing, then hit your shot. Hopefully this process takes 20 to 30-seconds and not any longer. We’ve all played in a group with a person who takes countless practice swings, then stands over his/her ball before taking a swing. This is what causes slower rounds of golf on the course.

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Well, the mighty clouds of joy came rolling in with a morning shower but we were all there excited and ready to play.  And in about 30 min,  we took off on the roller coaster course ( literally ) and some amazing shots between a rock and a hard place,  we had a ball.   LOL  My teammates, Mary & Dana got us going with a few birdies and some sort of juice.  That juice,  we started rhymes, singing in the rain, making chips off the green, 20ft. was sweeeet.  So I think I'll give this a try and continue to meet some awesome new friends.   Next up,  I'm getting ready for the TEE CUP FALL League and try to win me a trip to Muscle Shoals, AL on Oct 3 & 4th and the next play date on August 8th.  I can't wait for you to join me...Oh and by the way...Karen and I like our polka dot and zebra shorts.  We got a 100%discount from John Daly's store.   :)

Tee it Up!

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Golf carts are a source of revenue for golf courses, so in most instances when you play in a tournament you will be riding in a golf cart.  If you are a new golfer, you may feel more comfortable having a more experienced golfer drive the cart.  The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to make sure your golf bag is fastened securely to the cart.  You don’t want it to fall off – and risk being embarrassed. 

Golf Cart and Push Cart EtiquetteWhen taking a golf cart, the golf staff will let you know if it is “Cart Path Only” (no carts allowed on the course at any time - mainly due to wet fairway conditions).  If the conditions require “Cart Path Only,” take several clubs (plus an extra ball in case yours is lost or not playable) to save time from walking back and forth across the fairway and slowing down play.  If the course specifies “90 Degrees” (drive your cart along the cart path to the spot of your ball and then make a 90 degree turn onto the course and drive to your ball). 

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Most golfers learn early in their golf lessons that it’s important to rake following a bunker shot, but many do not know the correct way to rake a bunker.  (First lesson:  it may feel like a trap, but it’s not called a trap…show your knowledge of the Rules of golf by calling the hazard with sand, a bunker). 

There’s nothing worse Bunker Etiquette and Rakingthan walking up to your ball in a bunker, only to find it in a divot or footprint from another player who was too sloppy to not rake or not rake properly.  Besides practicing good etiquette, it’s something golfers can do to take care of the course. 

Use caution when entering a bunker – enter from the lowest side nearest the golf ball and be careful that you don’t displace sand near the face or the edge of the bunker.  It’s okay to bring a rake into the bunker with you, as long as you don’t rake prior to hitting your shot.  If you encounter someone else’s footprints or a divot, don’t rake that before you hit.  Be sure not to use your club or the rake as a cane to help you when walking into the bunker – an opponent could think you are using your club or the rake as a means to test the soil.  

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Subjects : Bunker, Etiquette, Forecaddie

Protecting Yourself from the SunAs we have recently reached the longest days of the year, that means golfers have more daylight hours to be out playing golf.  It also means we are at a greater risk of skin cancer because we are spending more than four hours in the sun and likely without protection to keep us safe from the suns damaging rays. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation states, “1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during the course of their lifetime.”  Most dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher if you will be out in the sun for extended periods of time.  It’s important to buy sunscreen that’s waterproof as well, since the golf swing, walking and sweating will contribute to the sunscreen wearing off.  Golfers have the added disadvantage of having UV rays reflect back on us from water in hazards and sand in bunkers – so we get hit by the harmful rays twice.

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